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Aluminum extruded screen enclosure frames last forever.

Are you interested in putting a new screen room in your home? A screen room is a great way to enjoy the weather outside without direct exposure to the elements and swarming bugs.

Extruded Screen Enclosure in Knoxville, Tennessee

At Simply Screens, we can help you install your new screen room and add value to your home in Knoxville, Tennessee. We recommend aluminum extruded screen enclosure frames in cases where the client doesn’t want wood framing. Although an extruded screen enclosure will be more of an investment than a traditional screen enclosure with wood framing, these systems last and last.

An aluminum extruded screen enclosure can reduce maintenance and upkeep costs on your screen room over time. These systems can also enhance the aesthetics of your home and add to the way it looks from the interior and exterior.

If you want to add a screen enclosure to your home, our team is ready and waiting to make this project happen. We work quickly and efficiently and will recommend a beneficial design and layout if you choose an extruded screen enclosure. We always put our customers’ needs first and will make sure you are more than pleased with the way your new screen enclosure turns out, as well as your experience working with us.

An aluminum extruded screen enclosure can enhance your home and your enjoyment of it. Contact us today to learn more about adding an extruded screen enclosure to your house and to get an estimate.